Víctor and Luis del Valle Piano duo

We were ready for them. And they came with the expected success that goes with them [...] the wait to witness a full concert with them was worth it.

Smashing, but not breaking, these wonderful artists respect style and technique but state clearly their own voice, young and bold, full of life and humour, expressive and highly musical.
La Provincia. Diario de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

A prodigy: audible beauty and virtuosity in their exceptional innovation of piano skill.
El País

They made two pianos sound like the Wiener Philharmoniker
Panamá América- Epasa

Splendid and masterful virtuosity, unprecedented risk, exceptional style become one in these two musicians […] One hears works of Mozart very few times in such a convincing way.
Stuttgarter Zeitung


Apr. 20 2019

REVISTA MUSICAL CATALANA.- "The instruments are recreated in games of mirrors with the precise punctuality and dynamism, like two lovers"

... the sonata of Cesar Franck, circular composition, receives in the version of Ana Mª Valderrama and Víctor del Valle, a vehement and nuanced reading: the instruments are recreated in a game of mirrors with the precise punctuality and dynamism, like two lovers who recognize each other in the same look and finish the phrase initiated by the other, combining responses that only they understand as identical. And the Mélancolie de Franck is given away, a minimalist piece that they perform with a truly tender sorrow.