Víctor and Luis del Valle Piano duo

They made two pianos sound like the Wiener Philharmoniker
Panamá América- Epasa

Smashing, but not breaking, these wonderful artists respect style and technique but state clearly their own voice, young and bold, full of life and humour, expressive and highly musical.
La Provincia. Diario de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Splendid and masterful virtuosity, unprecedented risk, exceptional style become one in these two musicians […] One hears works of Mozart very few times in such a convincing way.
Stuttgarter Zeitung

A prodigy: audible beauty and virtuosity in their exceptional innovation of piano skill.
El País

We were ready for them. And they came with the expected success that goes with them [...] the wait to witness a full concert with them was worth it.


Jan. 14 2023

LA CRÓNICA DE BADAJOZ. Piano four hands

Emilio González Barroso

This concert modality is not frequent, both in terms of composition and performance. It is different from the works for two pianos, since instead of two keyboards the performers have to share one. Well, last Thursday at the Palacio de Congresos de Badajoz and on Friday at the one in Mérida, the Orquesta de Extremadura, directed by its owner, Andrés Salado, addressed a program entirely dedicated to the 19th century composer Johannes Brahms, in which The "Concierto for four-handed piano and string orchestra" was performed with the brothers Víctor and Luis del Valle as exceptional interpreters. With a brilliant artistic record, the Duo del Valle showed their excellent rapport with an impeccable performance. In Badajoz, before the fourth and last movement, there was a brief interruption, both pianists retiring due to a slight indisposition of one of them, joining minutes later to conclude their excellent intervention with a tremendous finale.



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Nov. 30 2022

LA GACETA. La Gaceta celebrates its centenary with brilliance and musical virtuosity

Jose Angel Montero

The Center for Performing Arts and Music (CAEM) lived a memorable musical evening this Wednesday. The Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra (OSCYL) returned to what was once one of its satellite venues and once again left a mastery of their good work and their great interpretative imprint, which, added to the virtuosity they display in each of their concerts the brothers Víctor and Luis del Valle, at the piano and as soloists, turned the centenary concert of LA GACETA into a delight for the eyes and, above all, for the ear, loaded with brilliance, technique, solvency and a certain dose of self-confidence. The evening was opened by the piano duo, supported by the OSCYL, with the concerto for two pianos and orchestra in D Minor by Poulenc, which in the four hands of the Del Valle brothers sounded wonderful. And with the audience already delivered, the duo from Málaga together with the Castilla y León Symphony did not want to miss the success of this presentation in Salamanca and offered to a packed audience neither more nor less than the concert for two pianos and orchestra number 10 of Mozart, the great classic among the classics. A real daring, but also a success, since the interpretation was masterful, as the audience recognized with their applause. And it is not for less, the Del Valle brothers stand out for mixing rigor, passion and technical mastery in their interpretations. A successful combination.


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Jul. 28 2022

El Confidencial. Malaga has a special light

Mariano Vergara

The evening light was darkening the landscape when the concert began, which soon announced that we were going to live a night worthy of those of many years ago. As before... Genius is the power granted to a few, who are the ones who go down in history, to liberate the beauty contained in pressing a key and produce an instantaneous, ephemeral, unrepeatable, deadly chord. Beauty always contains the death drive. The Del Valle brothers, on two pianos or four hands, exhibited perfect technique and an overflowing soul. With passion, as if in a trance, with joy on their faces, with beautiful gestures.
From the deeply lyrical slow tempo of Schubert's Romanticism to the precision of the explosion of Impressionist colours, which would have astonished Ravel himself...



Mar. 05 2022

NAIZ. Musika-Música Festival: The healing power of nature in times of war

Amaia Eregaña

11 in the morning, Saturday, in one of the rooms of Bilbo's Euskalduna palace, Mozart is played (Quartet number 17, 'The hunt'), interpreted -how beautiful, how subtle...- by the Modigliani Quartet. Shortly after, this French formation 'transmuted' into something else: an orchestra of ten top-level musicians -among them, the brothers Víctor and Luis del Valle from Málaga; an impressive piano duo - playing from the stage and the stalls with the audience in 'The Carnival of the Animals', by C. Saint-Saëns.

This is Musika-Música, the classical music festival that is held until this Sunday in Bilbao.



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Jan. 25 2022

ABC de Sevilla. Teatro de la Maestranza / Fantastic and poignant whirlwinds

Carlos Tarín
January 25 / 2022

"The pianist brothers Víctor and Luis del Valle offered a splendid recital at the Maestranza Theater, where at times they were a single pianist with four hands.

If it had been one, it would have been an amazing performance for us; but being two pianists, they bordered on the unheard of: it is not only that they are brothers, but that they have been playing almost their entire artistic life together and, thus, the impulses, the sudden stops, the nuances and even the gesticulations of one were on the other... They began demonstrating it with the Schubert who opened the program...

... Ravel's sonorous and orchestral richness went very well with music for two pianos (Schubert had been for piano four hands)... 'Ma mère l'oye' and 'La Valse' could still resonate in the  subscribers' symphony memory while not long ago (last season) we heard both works in their orchestral version; now, the complementary hands of the Del Valle brothers reminded us of them, trying to bring out the colors in the black and white of the piano, with all the instrumental nuances and extracting the sometimes plastic nature (the stories), sometimes mordacious (the waltz) of both works."


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